Überblick Bensheim

Facts & figures of Bensheim

  • Population structure
  • Economy
  • Education, leisure and social
  • Land use


Rate of unemployment (as of 11/2018)*
Bensheim 3,8 %
Municipal surface (as of 2011) 5.783 ha
Purchasing power (as of 2010)
Retail sales per habitant 5.193,00 €
Purchasing power index 115,7

* To get more information and selected data of the town of Bensheim please contact the "Hessisches Statistisches Landesamt". Click here to go to the website.

Education, leisure and social

Child care (as of 2015/16)
Places kindergartens 1.352
Places nurseries/ créches 215
Places urban créches 115
Places créches school-aged children 560
Places day care 171
Number of students in Bensheim's schools (in total) about 10.000
Town library: media stock (in total) about 54.000
Sports clubs: Members (in total) about 14.300

Land use

Buildings and open space 912 ha
Operating area 31 ha
Recreation area 59 ha
Traffic area 448 ha
Agricultural area 2.638 ha
Forest area 1.522 ha
Water surface 107 ha
Other surfaces 66 ha
Total 5.783 ha